Diabetes – How to Give Your Treatment a Fighting Chance

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Diabetes – How to Give Your Treatment a Fighting Chance

Diabetes deviceIf there was ever a clash over methods, approaches, and even beliefs, a perfect example is the difference between Western and Eastern medicine. Drilling down a bit, you can think of it as the difference between modern, capitalist medicine and Asian medicine. The latter includes aboriginal approaches to illness and healing. Most of us in industrial nations have become much more aware of this in the past roughly three decades.

You have heard of holistic treatments and philosophies. The overriding approach is to search for the core imbalances that result in illness and disease. Contrast that method with modern medicine’s profitable approach to treating symptoms. This is a well-worn argument and criticism that has existed for a long time.

Enter diabetes and the typical approach taken with prescription medicines of all kinds. Since this condition eventually causes other health problems, the list of medications diabetics take only grows.

And what is the basis for spending on prescribed medication?

Chasing the Symptoms and Spinning Your Wheels

Stop spinning your wheels...

Still spinning your wheels?

Treating the symptoms of diabetes is the never-ending goal. To be fair, medical doctors also advise additional lifestyle changes. These changes include proper diet, exercise, and adopting healthy habits. But that is about as far as it goes. Unfortunately for so many people, there is much more that can be done. Some doctors have been achieving success in other areas that seem to be ignored by established medicine.

The truth is that developing and selling expensive drugs is more attractive to corporations. But that is not what this is about, today. And most people are aware of the motives of all the various parties.

The beauty and true power of what you are about to read is that it has universal application. You can use powerful approaches and methods to seriously boost your treatment efforts. This is not about trying to change outlooks and beliefs about alternative, holistic approaches or taking prescription medications for diabetes.

Think about focus, attention, and helping your body to do its job of healing. Your focus and where you direct your efforts will make all the difference in the outcome. So where does your focus need to be?

Realigning Your Focus

Know your target...

Know your target…

The vast and complex environment within your body is where your focus must be. The human body can stand limited degrees of imbalance before things start to go seriously wrong. It is no surprise at all that the goal of Eastern and native medicine is restoring and keeping balance.

There are different areas in the body that help serve the goal of balance. The primary goal is elimination of toxins. And this is accomplished in the gut, lungs, kidneys, liver, and lymphatic system. There are others you can think of such as the overall immune system and circulating fluid systems. For today, we will narrow our focus to just a few.

Improving the efficiency of the natural cleansing process increases the inner workings of the body. There are several ways to view this. But the important point is to avoid getting hung-up with terms and what you want to call it. Do not merely dismiss this as simple internal cleansing. That phrase applies, but the more powerful viewpoint is it will help your body run properly. This is directly in support of getting rid of diabetic symptoms and the underlying causes for it.

The range of benefits includes internal energy regulation and improvement. For example, a more efficient digestive system will extract nutrients easier and more effectively. When this occurs, less energy is used and the cumulative effect is considerable. You will gain even more energy when you repeat the same cleansing process throughout your body.

One of the Most Critical Internal Balances

The question of how alkaline or acidic your body is has far reaching implications concerning your health. This all begins with the pH of your blood. You can even go farther back and examine the effects your diet and liquid consumption has on your pH.

Considerable research has identified a narrow range of blood serum pH that is optimal for health. The range is slightly alkaline, being just above a pH of 7.0 – about 7.3 to 7.4, roughly. In addition to the optimal pH, your blood needs to be sufficiently oxygenated as well.

Medical researchers have determined that a chronically acidic or excessively alkaline blood paves the way for a host of disease conditions. This is really nothing new since research identified this relationship in the early 20th century. In fact, this is even taught in traditional medical schools.

But there is something curious about this,

When was the last time your Western doctor actually tested your blood pH?

Not only that, but when was the last time your doctor even mentioned it?

Just a few problems associated with an overly-acidic body include poor circulation, cell death which leads to more acid production, and possibly blood clot formation. As far back as 2000, a world conference on pH balance discussed a litany of diseases brought on by chronically low blood pH (high acidity).

If you want to start doing something about this today, then cut down or eliminate that modern, industrialized diet of highly processed foods. Avoid soft drinks which contain high amounts of acid. Yes, you can address this situation directly through diet and healthy eating habits.

Let’s Talk About Mucus

Yes, quite an unpleasant intro to a new section – mucus! Of course it is normal for the body to produce a certain amount of mucus. The problem, as it is in so many areas, is one of excess mucus. Once again, it is excess due to a chronic situation. In this case, it is consuming foods and liquids that stimulate excess mucus production.

The most well-known mucus factory people drink is milk. Indeed, milk stimulates mucus production in humans. It is fine and recommended for babies but not for adults.

The problem with excess mucus is it collects in many places within the body. The most notorious mucus repository is in the bowels. The general process involves mucus, toxins, and feces. The sticky mucus catches and contains feces, undigested foods, and it turns into a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

And we have not even mentioned constipation, yet. Suffice to say, the entire process is one gigantic negative that sucks energy and the life force right out of you. Of course it does get much worse as the chronic condition leads to hardening of this mucus morass. The effect is similar to the plaque that builds up in your cardiovascular system. It merely contributes to a more severe form of constipation and blockage.

A True Story of Milk, Mucus, and Chronic Infections

Here is a real, true life story of what can happen. A friend of mine told me this story that happened back in the 1990s.

This friend of mine was talking to a very good friend of his from back in the days of high school. Well, the good friend was married and had a family with two young kids. The son had been suffering from chronic ear infections for about a year. And this was wreaking havoc in the household, as you can imagine.

My friend asked if the son consumed milk on a regular basis. It turned out that the son drank a lot of milk, every day. He had it with cereal in the morning; at school with lunch; and again in the evening with dinner. The kid loved milk. And of course milk is supposed to be good for you – builds strong bones and teeth, as the commercials go.

Well, my friend explained how milk leads to excess mucus production, etc. And that it attracts all kinds of nasty critters in the body. They get stuck in it and immediately start proliferating – multiplying like rabbits.

The recommendation was to cut back on the milk and even for the son to stop drinking it for a while. Guess what happened?

No more ear infections.

The infections simply stopped happening. My friend’s good friend was amazed and quite grateful for the advice. The mother couldn’t have been happier. The son missed his milk, but he did not miss the pain and hassle of ear infections.


We have only scratched the surface in the area of helping your body stay healthy and vibrant. There are many methods and techniques available to support your lungs, kidneys, and liver.

If you suffer from diabetes, regardless of type, you can make your treatment more effective. And for some doctors, the intent is to bring about cure from diabetes.

This article has touched on just a few of the treatment philosophies used by courageous medical professionals who dare to go against the grain of established, Western medicine.

If you perform your due diligence, you can discover who these professionals are and learn from them.

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4 Responses

  1. Gary Stoch says:

    I read somewhere (don’t remember where) that gluten was one of the leading causes of diabetes. Not sure if this is true, if it is, it is EXTREMELY difficult to avoid foods with gluten… pastas, bread, pizzas… how can anyone stop eating this???

    • Judy Jones says:

      In a series entitled CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Program) Dr. Diehl described a project concerning how diabetes appears to be caused. A group of young healthy men were fed sugar, and more sugar, and more sugar, and more sugar, up to a pound a day. Not ONE of them ever showed any symptoms of diabetes. Then they did a another study using fats. (I do not remember whether it was vegetable oils or other kinds of fats or a mix.) In just a very short time, these young men began showing signs of diabetes. In the past I have read that dairy products have a very negative affect on diabetics. And I have read that refined sugars and fats are the basic cause of many diseases and illnesses. And we know they are acid foods!!
      There are gluten free diets that are followable, but one has to pretty much do their own food buying and cooking. The web is a good place to find information as I did when our son was diagnosed PDD (autism syndrome) and was allergic to so many foods. (By the way, taking Probiotics helped him a WHOLE LOT!! Used Dr. Ohirra’s 12 Plus Professional worked quickly and well!) There are more gluten free foods available in some grocery stores and of course health food stores than there were when we were searching.
      I wonder if some of the gluten allergies aren’t caused or at least aggravated by the kind of wheat available to citizens today….read an article recently that said our wheat had been “hybrided” (“gmo’d”??) etc. so much that it is not really anything like the originally grown wheat any more. (those are my words/interpretation).

      • Charles W. James says:

        Thanks a lot for your insight. Even though refined sugar doesn’t cause diabetes as shown by Dr Diehl, it is not very healthy to eat one pound per day :)

        I just had a look at the probiotics you recommended, they look pretty good… great feedback from other customers. Will have to give them a try, even though I’m very satisfied with the ones I take right now.

        Take care

    • Charles W. James says:

      It takes some will power indeed, but when you suffer because of your food intake, you really don’t have much choice. Also it’s not only gluten that should be avoided: https://nutritiongang.com/scd-diet-101/

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