Garlic clovesThe article below was originally writen by Noah Alam on his blog dedicated to garlic. Some times ago, his blog was removed from the internet.

Since I am using his recipe to prepare my fermented garlic, I decided to publish his post on my blog (I found it thanks to Bing’s cache). I have tried to contact Noah to no avail… I do not know why his blog disappeared. What I do know, though, is that his recipe was very good and it would be a shame to lose it. So here it is below…

Fermentation of Garlic – In other words, how to ferment garlic and get all its benefits.

I’ve read some times ago about the wonderful qualities of fermented garlic and how it will help our bodies, in fact, in one website, the author suggests that fermented garlic is much more potent and helpful to our bodies than normal raw garlic.

I wanted to be sure of this, so I tried to make my own fermented garlic, however, there were many guides on the internet on how to make fermented garlic and for the most part, the results are pretty misleading.

The best recipe I could find is this one, I’ve tried it over and over and even given it to some friends that reported it’s nice texture and similar results as I got.

First, how can fermented garlic help your health?

Let’s make a distinction from the start, garlic should not be considered like a drug, in other words, you shouldn’t eat some cloves of garlic from time to time and expect huge benefits. From my own experience, the best results are obtained when you incorporate garlic to your way of life and you make it a routine, after some few weeks, you will start to notice amazing results on your health, from milder, even nonexistent, colds to very low levels of cholesterol and better insulin absorption. This is the reason why fermented garlic can be a great resource for you.

You see, eating raw garlic everyday can be a painful thing to do, especially if you have a busy life, with all the peeling, crushing, preparing … It takes time and will be accompanied with some very nasty side effects like a bad body odor.

Fermented garlic will give you the benefits of garlic in a very convenient way.

Here is what you are going to need to make fermented garlic:

  • One cup of apple cider vinegar
  • About thirty to forty peeled cloves of garlic, better to use a very hot variety, the redder the better in my opinion.
  • A good blender
  • A cup of organic honey, stay away from surgery syrups
  • A quarter of a tea spoon of salt
  • A glass jar

Prepation Steps:

  • Add the apple cider vinegar in your blender, add in the salt and honey and start blending very slow
  • Then, add cloves, one by one until you are done
  • Leave the blender running with all your cloves for about thirty to forty seconds, you have to get a kind of smooth texture.
  • If you get a very liquid one, sometimes, the cloves can add moisture, add in more cloves.
  • If you get a pasty texture, simply add a table spoon of apple cider vinegar.
  • Put in your glass jar and close it very tightly.

Leave in in your garage or in an isolated area for about four weeks, some people will tell you to leave it in the sun, don’t, the sun’s ray will damage the good chemical compounds and will make this fermented garlic milder in effects.

When the four weeks period has passed, you can put your glass jar in the fridge and use it whenever you want as long as you close it tightly when you are done.

This fermented garlic is best eat in the morning, two table spoons should be more than enough to get the best of garlic in a very convenient way.

Do you know some other uses for fermented garlic?

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