White Button Mushrooms can Lead Your Body to Better Health

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White Button Mushrooms can Lead Your Body to Better Health

White button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)White button mushrooms are one of those foods that we often eat, but mistakenly believe that they have very little nutritional value. Not only are these fungi full of nutrients, they are a rather special superfood that can increase your immune system’s ability to fight off infection and heal the body of tissue damage.

If you have ever eaten mushrooms on your pizza or had them sautEed in a stir-fry, then chances are that you have enjoyed this powerhouse of nutrition. Many studies have been conducted on these mushrooms over the years. In a study funded by the Agricultural Research Service, it was found that white button mushrooms work wonders for our overly taxed immune systems.

In recent years, a study was conducted by Simin Meydani at Tufts University (the study appears in a 2008 issue of The Journal of Nutrition). She and her team found that white button mushrooms help to promote the immune function by helping to increase the production of antivirals and certain proteins that are released by the cells which are trying to protect and repair tissues that have been damaged in the body. This study also showed that these mushrooms helped to enhance the dendritic cells that are found in the bone marrow, helping the immune system to mature and fight harder.

By increasing the number of dendritic cells, an increase of white blood cells occurs. This promotes more fighting ability in the immune system and an improved structure to rid the body of disease and bacteria. In the studies that have been conducted, researchers found that the more white button mushrooms were consumed, the greater the immune response that was seen.

Along with the studies done on the immune system response, another group of scientists performed a study at Beckman Research Institute. They suggest that consuming at least 100 grams of white button mushrooms per day can stop breast cancer growth in women. They also found that these mushrooms may help in the prevention of breast cancer caused by hormones.

As more research and studies are performed, we are sure to hear more about the wonderful white button mushroom and all that it can do for our bodies. It is no wonder that more people are beginning to include these as a regular part of their diet. The more that is consumed, the more benefits are being seen.

Eat Your Button Mushrooms and Enjoy a Taste Sensation

White button mushrooms do not have very much flavor until they are cooked. They are much like sponges and can absorb all sorts of flavors that they are mixed in with. They can be enjoyed raw or cooked and have different flavor attributes in each form.

In raw form, they can be sliced up in salads or eaten alone. They pair well with homemade dips and go well with all types of homemade vinaigrettes. When mixed with garden salads, they absorb the dressings and add to the flavor of the salads.

When cooked, white button mushrooms take on an earthy and rich flavor that can be used as a meat substitute. They taste delicious sautEed in marinades, such as this SCD teriyaki sauce (if you want to avoid soy you can replace with date syrup). They also go well in foods such as soups and stews. You can make a wonderful sauce by simmering mushrooms down until they form a gravy-like consistency. These go wonderfully over meats and mashed sweet potatoes.

For those who do not enjoy mushrooms, it can take some getting used to. Try them diced finely on your favorite SCD-legal pizza or mixed in with your morning scrambled eggs. They truly take on many of the flavors of the foods that they are cooked with, adding a wonderful depth of flavor that cannot be matched.

Purchase Only the Best White Button Mushrooms

White button mushrooms can be found fresh in the produce section of your grocery store. They normally come prepackaged, but can also be found loose and can be bought by the pound. There are several factors to keep in mind when you are looking for the freshest mushrooms.

It is important to remember that mushrooms are very fragile and can and will spoil rapidly. Once they have been picked, they should be consumed as quickly as possible. Never try to pick your own mushrooms in the wild, as the chances of them being poisonous are very high. Only use mushrooms that have been grown domestically.

When purchasing mushrooms, make sure that the caps are a nice white color. There should be no bruising or browning on the caps. You may see some dirt; this is normal and can be easily removed with a rinse of water or a brush.

If you are purchasing packaged mushrooms, always check the expiration date and purchase the latest date you can find. Check the package to make sure that you see no liquid inside. If there is any sign of liquid or a bad odor, do not purchase the mushrooms, as they have spoiled.

To keep your mushrooms their freshest, do not wash them until just before use. It is best to remove them from their plastic packaging and place them in a paper towel-lined colander. This will keep them fresh and firm until you are ready to eat them. Make sure that you consume them within a couple of days for optimum freshness.

These wonderful mushrooms taste so delicious that you will not mind consuming them on a regular basis. They are easy to incorporate into each and every meal and can be eaten as a snack or a main course. It does not matter which way you eat them, just make sure that you enjoy them as often as possible.

How do you prepare your mushrooms? Do you eat any at all?

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