The Top 5 Reasons to Take Digestive Enzyme Supplements

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The Top 5 Reasons to Take Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Today more and more people are choosing homeopathic methods to help in the healing process of their bodies. The latest buzz has been on digestive enzyme supplements. People all over the world take these supplements for all kinds of conditions, from heartburn to eczema. While so many people are talking about these supplements and how they are changing their lives, it seems few people really know what these supplements are and what they are useful for.

The digestive tract

Digestive enzymes are created by the stomach, pancreas and small intestine and help to digest the foods in our digestive tracts. Enzymes are also found in raw foods, but since most people no longer consume many raw foods, our pancreases are being overworked and they are giving out. Many people suffer from what is known as Digestive Enzyme Deficiency, which simply means what it sounds like: their bodies are deficient in digestive enzymes and this causes them to suffer with a host of side effects ranging from mild to severe.

They come in many forms…

Digestive enzyme supplements come in pill supplements, powder supplements, and enzyme-enriched food products.

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From many studies conducted throughout the world, it has been found that digestive enzymes are safe for all ages. Even babies are treated with enzymes, sometimes taking as much as an adult dose. The elderly often need digestive enzymes even more than younger people because the more we age, the more our pancreas loses its ability to produce enzymes.

In studies, the only reported problems and side effects came from those who used digestive enzymes with gastric and duodenal ulcers. Ulcers are aggravated by the digestive process, so increasing digestion often causes the ulcers to become even more inflamed and painful. It is not recommended that those who suffer from any type of gastric ulcers use digestive enzymes unless it is recommended by their doctor.

There are many reasons that people use digestive enzymes, but the top five reasons are:

  1. The number one reason that people take digestive enzymes is for irritable bowel syndrome. IBS is characterized by cramping, bloating, constipation and/or diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Symptoms of this condition can be severe and very painful, interrupting the sufferer’s life. Digestive enzymes can help to counteract the symptoms of IBS and stop its progression. Those who suffer from IBS have found relief by taking these supplements before meals, especially those that are high in fat or foods that are known to produce excess gas, like beans.
  2. Another important reason that people take digestive enzymes is for autoimmune and immune disorders. These disorders are often caused by a lack of the natural flora in our digestive systems. By using the digestive enzymes, the digestive tract can rebalance the natural flora of good bacteria in the body. This can help to fight autoimmune problems and strengthen compromised immune systems.
  3. The third reason people use enzymes is allergies. Many people today suffer more and more from all types of allergies, from food to plants and other allergens. The causes of food allergies and other allergic reactions have been studied by doctors and nutritionists and it has been found that many of these allergies are caused by digestive problems. Once the digestive tract is healed through the use of enzymes, most of the allergies disappear completely.
  4. Another very common reason that people take digestive enzymes is for heartburn and acid reflux. Many times, these two problems work hand-in-hand. It has been found that many people suffer from these conditions because their digestive systems are not working properly. This causes increased acid in the stomach which can lead to painful heartburn, acid erosion, and ulcers. Digestive enzymes can stop these symptoms and allow the stomach and digestive tract to heal.
  5. Last, but not least, many people who suffer from chronic fatigue take enzyme supplements. Though fatigue is often a blanket diagnosis, it has been found that poor digestion can lead to increased fatigue. Fatigue is not just feeling tired, but feeling overwhelmingly tired to the point that it interferes with daily life. Some people suffer so much from fatigue that even getting out of bed takes all of the energy that they can muster. Digestive enzymes can reboot the digestive system, allowing for more energy-producing nutrients to be absorbed. This stops the lack of energy and fatigue and gives strength and energy to people who take the supplements.

Though much is still to be learned about digestive enzymes and how they work in the human body, it has been proven that taking digestive enzymes can help many people overcome different conditions. So much of how our bodies function relies on how well we digest foods. If our bodies are not getting the nutrients that we need, then our entire system will suffer!

Enzyme supplements can help you get back to the healthy you and enjoy your life again. If you are suffering from stomach ailments, weight loss, diarrhea, constipation, or gas and bloating, contact your doctor or nutritionist. They can talk with you about how digestive enzymes can make a difference in your health. There is no reason to continue suffering when help is available!

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