The Negative Impact of Leptin Resistance on Weight Loss

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The Negative Impact of Leptin Resistance on Weight Loss

Many people have difficulty losing weight

They try dieting and exercising but keep on failing because they’re always feeling hungry.

This is often due to a condition known as leptin resistance.

To understand this condition, you must first understand what leptins are and where they come from. Leptins can best be described as protein hormones produced by the fat cells of your body. As your bloodstream circulates throughout your body, it delivers leptins to your brain.

Okay, so what does this do?

The metabolic processes that take place from eating food will cause your fat cells to store energy. The more energy stored, the more leptins that get released and travel throughout the bloodstream to your brain. Once that happens, the leptins basically tell the brain that you have enough energy stored. Then your brain suppresses your hunger and causes you to feel full.

However, if you suffer from leptin resistance, then it means leptins are not reaching your brain and not signaling to it that you have enough energy stored. As a result, your brain will continue to think that you need to consume more energy no matter what. You’ll continue to be hungry and crave more food, even though you already have enough energy stored in your body.

For this reason, leptin resistance is one of the leading causes of obesity.

People may diet and exercise, but they’ll continue to consume more calories than their recommended daily caloric intake because they always feel hungry.

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How Do You Get Leptin Resistance?

Leptin resistance is a condition caused by years of poor dieting and lack of exercise. It is usually seen in obese people who have overeaten for a considerable number of years already. Inflammatory foods, such as fried foods and sugary foods, are certainly a huge cause of leptin resistance.

Overeating trains the brain to ignore leptin signaling, which makes it so much harder to diet and exercise properly. If someone became obese from depression or some other psychological symptom, they could develop leptin resistance without even noticing it. Then it becomes another hurdle in their life to overcome.

Other possible causes of leptin resistance include lack of sleep, lack of fiber intake, and high triglyceride and carbohydrate intake. If you can avoid consuming processed foods and switch to all-natural foods, then you could possibly reverse the leptin resistance in your system. Make sure you also increase your soluble fiber intake, get more sleep, and exercise regularly as well.

Of course, this is not going to be an easy journey. But think of it this way, if you’re always hungry, then at least try to consume more fruits, vegetables, and nuts when you’re hungry. Get used to the habit of choosing the right foods without worrying about the calorie count at first. Once you train yourself to eat good wholesome foods regularly, then you’ll gradually find yourself feeling full a lot more often.

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