Living a Sustainable Lifestyle with the Paleo Diet

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Living a Sustainable Lifestyle with the Paleo Diet

The Paleolithic diet doesn’t just make sense healthwise, it also makes a huge difference in our environment. The Paleolithic diet, or Paleo diet for short, is a diet that consists of fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, and meats. There are no processed foods, so the diet is fairly easy to supply.

Some Paleo eaters go as far as to raise their own animals for meats. This saves the processing part of the meat equation and allows for much healthier meats. If you are not able to raise your own animals, you can buy from local farmers who butcher their own meats and never use processing plants. They grow organic vegetables that are picked straight from the garden and never processed or shipped from other countries.

Have a garden or a balcony?

Many Paleo eaters grow their own fruits and vegetables. This helps them to save money and have fresh, organic foods to eat on demand. Growing your own vegetables and fruits is a wonderful part of the Paleo lifestyle. It’s all about being self-sufficient and limiting your carbon footprint. You do not have to have a huge garden or even a large yard. Even apartment dwellers can grow their own fruits and vegetables through container gardening. You can grow tomatoes and other vegetables in pots or other containers out on your balcony.

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Some of the herbs and lettuces can be grown right on your countertop. It makes this lifestyle so much easier when you don’t have to run to the market, and can just pick your own vegetables straight from your garden.

The Paleo diet helps us in so many ways. As the paleolithic man prepared the foods that were available to him and that he had grown, so can we follow in those footsteps. The difference is, we have many modern conveniences that the cavemen did not have. While they had to slave for hours in killing the animal, butchering them, and then cooking them over fire, we can cook our meats quickly and easily. We can also choose to eat raw vegetables and fruits through salads and other dishes to expend even less energy.

This all adds up to changing the environment in so many ways. The Paleo eater no longer relies on massively produced foods that are full of chemicals and created in environments that destroy our ecosystem. The Paleo eater becomes one with their food and helps to stop the progression of destroying our Earth.



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