Superfoods Power Collection: Vibrant Health (Now Available)

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Superfoods Power Collection – Vibrant Health

From inside the book:

While we are changing all of your conceptions about healthy living, let’s get another one out of the way: eating healthy does not cost more than the alternative. Depending on what you’re eating it costs much less; not to mention the benefits are innumerable.

In 2006 the University of Washington conducted a study that indicated when you divided the cost per calorie of healthy produce-based meals to junk foods, the junk foods came out cheaper — you were getting more calories for your dollar. But that’s because junk food is densely calorie packed, with little nutritional value in each one. These are what we call “empty” calories. Calories that fill you up, cause you to gain weight, but provide little of the essential nutrition your body needs. Not to mention junk foods trick your body into eating more — both because the high salt content makes them taste good, but also because it takes more to make your body feel satisfied; the body wants to keep eating until it has its nutritional needs met. And we wonder why obesity is such a growing concern?

Book Description:

This book is 162 pages long and contains a list of forty two superfoods for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Memory, Cholesterol, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Cancer.

For each superfood you will learn:

  • What makes it a superfood and how it helps against fat, diabetes, memory problems, high cholesterol, IBS or cancer.
  • Cooking ideas
  • Tips for finding and buying the freshest ones

SUPERFOODS POWER COLLECTION is for you if you want to feel beautiful from the inside out by eating delicious superfoods.

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