A few months ago I posted an article about leaky gut syndrome. Today I would like to answer some of the most common questions concerning leaky gut.

Can Leaky Gut be cured?

The simple answer is, that yes, Leaky Gut can be cured. It is important that those who suffer from Leaky Gut follow the recommended diet and take the necessary supplements to ensure that their Leaky Gut condition does not reoccur. It may take time to cure this condition, but it is possible.

Can I heal just by taking supplements?

While supplements are very beneficial, and even necessary to those who suffer with Leaky Gut, they alone cannot heal the condition. It is vital that you follow diets like the SCD diet or the Paleo diet, to ensure that you are not only preventing further deterioration of your intestinal lining, but that you are also healing the damage that has already occurred.

Will my Autoimmune Disease disappear if I heal from Leaky Gut?

It is very likely that any autoimmune diseases that you suffer from will disappear once you heal from Leaky Gut. It has been found that out of all of the 100 known autoimmune diseases, that all of them have their roots in Leaky Gut. In a study that was carried out on mice, it was found that increased intestinal permeability was found about one month before the onset of Diabetes. Once this intestinal permeability is under control again, these diseases become lessened and even disappear over time.

Is it possible to cure Leaky Gut forever?

It is possible to cure Leaky Gut forever, but it takes perseverance. You must adhere to the diet, without cheating. Cheating will only set you back in your recovery and will create a snowball effect that will eventually have you in the same boat you were once in. By following the diet specifically and taking your supplements daily, you can be free of this disorder forever.

How can I cure Leaky Gut in children?

The same factors that apply to adults, apply to children. The same diet will need to be followed, though since children are still growing, it is best to consult a nutritionist to ensure that the child is getting the proper nutrients and supplement amounts on the diet. The difficulty comes in the fact that children have a harder time adhering to the diet because they are so limited. Finding ways to create exciting foods and treats for them will help make the transition easier.

What are the foods that I should avoid?

You should completely avoid any foods that contain gluten and grains. These foods will increase the holes in your intestines, causing greater permeability and an increase in your Leaky Gut symptoms. You should also avoid lactose, vegetable oils, sugars, yeast, and legumes. While not a food item, you should also avoid taking NSAIDS, like Ibuprofen and Advil, as these can increase the hyper-permeability of the intestines.

What foods help to cure Leaky Gut?

There are no specific foods that can cure Leaky Gut, per se, even though some may help with the condition. Fresh vegetables and fruits are preferable over many other foods. Liver is an excellent source of protein and is a good food choice for Leaky Gut. Virgin coconut oil and yemeni sidr honey are also excellent food sources that can help towards improving your Leaky Gut. Omega 3s are extremely important in the diet of those who suffer from Leaky Gut. Fermented foods, such as sauerkraut are also good foods to eat on a regular basis. These fermented foods help to repair the good flora in the intestines.

Is there a good cookbook that you recommend to cure Leaky Gut?

There are no cookbooks that are really geared specifically to cure Leaky Gut, but there are some cookbooks that can help in providing you with recipes that will not add to your condition. It is important that you avoid gluten-free cookbooks, as these are often filled with unhealthy recipes that call for ingredients that can cause further symptoms with your Leaky Gut. It is best to stick with SCD/Paleo cookbooks. Though many of these cookbooks say that you can bake with almond flour, it is best to avoid these recipes and baked goods as much as possible. One of the best paleo cookbooks I have purchased is this one.

Should I supplement with L-glutamine?

Yes, you should definitely use L-glutamine supplements. Glutamine is one of the amino acids that your body uses to manufacture proteins. The small size of glutamine allows it to be easily absorbed through the cells. This has been proven to help in the healing process of the tight junctions of the intestines.

What probiotics do you recommend?

I personally take these probiotics. For my lactobacillus acidophilus, I eat lots of homemade fermented foods. It has been proven that when sauerkraut is well prepared, that it is much more potent than any lactobacillus acidophilus probiotic supplement.

How long does it take to cure Leaky Gut?

It will take several months before you can cure your Leaky Gut. This can only occur when you follow the recommended diet and take your supplements without cheating. You may begin to see results sooner, but for complete healing to occur, it will take at least several months, if not more.

Is there a faster way to cure Leaky Gut?

There is no faster way that I am aware of at this time. Keep in mind that your condition did not develop over night. You have most likely been eating offending foods for your entire life. Six to seven months of healing is not that long when you consider the amount of damage that your intestines have faced.

Have you heard about Edgar Cayce’s protocol to cure Leaky Gut?

I have heard of this, but would not label it as a protocol. It was simply some advice that he gave to one patient, for their specific needs. It does not mean that it works with every Leaky Gut patient.

Does the “Leaky Gut Cure” book by Karen Brimeyer work?

This book appears to offer good advice for Leaky Gut patients. It does appear to work most of the time, IF you follow her 4-step process to the letter and do not allow yourself to cheat.

Where can I buy the “Leaky Gut Cure” program?

The price on the official site is $39.95. Beware of sites that claim to have discount codes, as there are no discount codes available. Purchasing through these sites may cause you to experience scams that will leave you paying for the product and never receiving the program. You may also be in danger of downloading an unofficial or outdated version. It is best to go through the official site when ordering the program.

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